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Obama's recent accomplishments

This is George Will at his best.  He combines a few paragraphs on the indiscernible accomplishment of Copenhagen (which Obama, in his attempt at "self celebration", calls "unprecendented") and a few on the health care bill passing the Senate.  While the latter doesn't solve the problem of the uninsured or the rise in health care spending, but the legislation does, says Will, "solve the Democrats' 'problem' of figuring out how to worsen the dependency culture and the entitlement mentality that grows with it."  His condemnation of Reid and Nelson is a work of art.  I predict that the Nebraska gambit will be followed by an impressive backlash against Democratic candidates nationwide.  And, by way of a preview of the 2010 elections, note this  Washington Post story on four vulnerable Dem Cong seats in Virginia.
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"Before equating Harry Reid to Henry Clay, understand that buying 60 Senate votes is a process more protracted than difficult."

"...more protracted than difficult" ... four words beautiful joined. Love it.

"Reid was buying the votes of senators whose understanding of the duties of representation does not rise above looting the nation for local benefits."

I've often wondered if the role of the Senator really is representation of the state or as guardian of the whole. It has always struck me as unseemly to have Senators grubbing for things. Yes, I know it happens ... all the time. Set aside the issues of buying re-election, etc., etc. I guess what I'm saying is I wish we had a body of principled protectors of our country. *sigh*

"And Reid had two advantages -- the spending, taxing and borrowing powers of the federal leviathan, and an almost gorgeous absence of scruples or principles."

"almost gorgeous" ... in my dreams I never see myself having the writing skills to put those two words out front of "absence of scruples or principles." Classic.

Don: Agreed. For this brief, shining (as in "spotlight") moment, George Will became this our Tocqueville.

"Four vulnerable Democratic seats in Virginia." I like the sound of that, and the smell. The smell of napalm in the morning. Unfortunately, a Republican party without Gingrich-caliber leadership may not do as well as in 94.

Don -- The U.S. Senate is an utter disgrace and has been for some years. As far as I'm concerned, membership in it is almost a mark of shame. Not that they have much.

Obama's Recent Accomplishments? ROTFLOL

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