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How Low Can Obama Go?

While extraordinarily partisan, even demagogic, Obama's SOTU still does not approach FDR's 1944 SOTU (aka his "economic bill of rights" speech), which likened conservative Republicans to Nazis (see fifth paragraph from the end).  And people wonder why Nixon (et al.) relished linking Democrats to Communists.
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So, what happened to the mantra of the Dubya years, "Elections Have Consequences"? Or do conservatives feel that should only apply when a Republican wins an election?

Scanlon, elections always have consequences, but that didn't stop Dems from undermining W whenever possible. Actually, we are far more principled than Dems when it comes to opposition -- but that might be changing. After Acorn, special buyoffs, sweetheart union deals, backroom proceedings, Communist appointees, and the typical overweening arrogance of the pseudo-intellectual Left, I for one have decided that almost any legal tactic is justified in getting rid of people like Barack Hussein Obama. When will we start to see those bumper-stickers "He's not my President" -- I saw plenty of them when Bush was in office.

Redwald, I couldn't sport that bumper-sticker. Print up, "He's my president -- Sorry!" and I could buy that.

Craig, we are merely wishing that elections did not have consequences when Democrats win elections.

The election of Scott Brown is one consequence of the Obama election . . . there will be many others.

What was "even demagogic"?

Most obviously, the SCOTUS comment, but a lot of the blame game stuff is protesting too much.

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