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A Possible Right Turn in California?

George Will mulls the possibilities.  
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As a native San Francisco Bay Area resident, I have watched the demise of the Fruits and Nut State for the past 40 years due to failed liberal policies. What is the fact behind this statement (to all your liberals reading this post)? Money. The Fruits and Nut State will be broke again on April1. Why? Easy. State Jobs controlled by Unions and Welfare. Half of California's state budget is Education. Yes liberals reading this post education. Half of the education budget is K-12. The other half college. Insane. The Fruit and Nut State spends approximately $13,000 per year per child. Of course about $20 of that gets to the student. The other $12,980 goes to Unionized workers in the school system. My child attended a public school were there were 4 vice principals. Just a note - 1 out of 2 students in California drop out of High School and the students in K-12 have the third worse test grades in the U.S. Only behind D.C. and New York - which by the way spend more money per child than California does. I homeschool my child and it costs $1200 per year. He passed the California High School exit exam in 8th grade. U.C. Davis is now recruiting him. Obviously four vice principals are not required to teach students. The State Prisons Guards in California make a $100,000 a year. They can retire after 25 years of service at full salary and benefits. If they retire at age 55 and live another 25 years or so, they stil get $100,000 per year with full benefits. The highest paid retired State of California worker is a person who worked for the CIty of Insdustry for 30 years. His retirement is $496,000 per year plus full medical/dental. He is 66 years old. The fire chiefs in the different districts in San Francisco make about $256,000 per year. They can retire at age 55 and will continue to make this salary until they die. This liberal Union hugging thinking has spread to the cities in California also. Welfare - The Fruit and Nut State pays out the highest welfare benefits in the U.S. and only 22% of those on welfare in California are required to "work" so the Fruit and Nut State is a magnate for those wishing to live on someone else's hard work. The Fruit and Nut state also pays for medical/school/housing/food for illegal aliens no questions asked. The rich in California pay out millions in taxes. Approximately 2% of the taxpayers in California pay the bulk of the taxes. Unfortunately for the Fruit and Nut State the Rich in California are leaving in droves. This has been the biggest dent in the State's Revenue. But sssh... don't tell the liberals in California about that because the rich don't pay taxes and the poor do pay taxes - Yes and I am Princess Diana. Even Willie Brown, ex-speaker of the State Leg came out and said that all the handouts and cow-towing to the state Unions had caused most of the damage in the Fruit and Nut State. And Willie Brown was a leading proponent of backing State Unions (especially the Teacher's Union) and Welfare. Those were the people who put him in office. Of course I won't even go down the road on the Religion of Globull Warming and what those nuts have done to Calfiornia. There is just not enough time.

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