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Global Warming Note

Margaret Wente has a good summary of the downward spiral of the climate change movement, even as the Netherlands rebukes the UN IPCC for factual inaccuracies related to the country's susceptibility to global warming, India forms its own climate change body after concluding that it "can't rely" upon the UN IPCC and a BBC poll shows that Brits are becoming increasingly skeptical of man-made global warming (74%) and global warming in general (25%).

Oh yeah - and DC is presently suffering the heaviest snowfall since 1922. Just mentioning.

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Oh my goodness. Looks like the Liberals' Religion of Globull Warming is literally running out of steam. See there is a God.

Poor Al Gored. It must suck being him now.

Did you note the difference between "DC" and "global" Justin?

And another lovely response from the functionally illiterate "cowgirl." "Literally" running out of steam, eh? Nice.

In all fairness I believe that recent weather satelites have shown increases in global temperature.

Some skepticism about why it is occuring or if we can do something to stop it is warranted. It is also an open question if some warming isn't all that bad(especially regionally.)
I should think that parts of landlocked northern US and Canada would like a little global warming. (higher crop yields, a few more days in an already short summer)

In any case it also seems that if we wanted to do so cooling the earth would be easier than warming it.(the idea to pump sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere, could be done cheaply/less than $100 million to reverse any global warming). Call it man made global cooling.

Also it seems about time to ask for the development of the salter sink idea, which could prevent hurricanes (some question about overdoing it and effect on ocean currents and agriculturally/beneficial tropical storms.)

I also don't know why in terms of political import we should care as much about global warming as local warming or vice versa(cooling).

If it is true that all politics are local, it is even more true that all weather is local.

Water is less of an issue in the great lakes OH-MI area of the country than it is in Nevada or New Mexico which are water starved states.

Devices(salter sink) that bringing cold water up from the ocean floor by wave power thus cooling ocean surface temperatures(downgrading tropical storms before they can upgrade), must be of more political and practical import to states like Lousiana, TX, FL.(someone from OH might even argue that this is pork.)

I don't think it is accurate to say that liberals have a religion of global warming, since in some sense they are acting to bring into the scope of human control what was once considered as an "act of god".

The reason to care about global warming, or global anything is really simply a feeling of justice or fairness, if the united states causes global warming, and really isn't harmed by it(which because of northern geography seems likely to apply to Europeans as well) then it has created an externality that is has insufficient incentive to internalize.

I don't think the human capacity to have an effect on the global climate should be neglected, and that it might get interesting if a nation unilaterally takes action on some of the cheaper geoengineering global cooling designs.

I honestly believe that for less than $1 billion a president could make the following environmental claims and deliver on them 1) no change to the upside in global temperatures(by turning on and off the stratosphere sulfur dioxide pumps) during my 4 years in office, 2) No hurricane above a category 1 makes landfall in the U.S. (probably could eliminate them altogether but would do to much dammage to the bennefits provided by tropical storms/unintended consequences.)

I honestly believe that the geoengineering project to offset global warming at a trial cost of less than $100 million should be tried before implementing any form of cap and trade or carbon tax.

If all the coastal states were charged proportionally for huricane/FEMA costs, it is likely they would have adopted salter sink by now... in any case spending the money for salter sink would decrease our FEMA spending, so it sounds like pork that pays for itself.

So the next time the president says he isn't ideological, I don't know why a republican doesn't speak up, ask to put the talk of global religion of climate change behind us, and unilaterally remove the issue from politics by solving it with some simple geo-engineering solutions.

Obama really would be post-partisan if he eliminated lingering racial accusations about FEMA response times and New Orleans by eliminating Hurricanes all together.
If he also took steps to ensure that the gobal temperature did not increase during his first four years in office, without the enactment of cap and trade, he would make good on his promise that he isn't ideological and that if there is a better and cheaper means he is open to it.

Mr. President it isn't too soon to take global warming off the table, sure some unbelievers will take it as a sign that it never was true, but they no doubt have the same sort of argument about the stimulus that saved some jobs even if it did not add them. You should be able to get re-elected if you can say: First I ended the recession, then I ended hurricanes, then I ended global warming. The recession ended when the rate of unemployment stopped climbing, hurricanes were ended when the temperature of surface water was cooled, and global warming was ended when the stratosphere no longer absorbed as much heat. Each while imperfect in some ways represents bringing science back to its rightful place and is an example of finding the best means to solve a problem where there was bipartisan consensus that a problem existed.

Keep your malady to yourself.

Functionally illerate? You prove my point. Discussing anything with a liberal is like having a discussion with Charles Mason. It makes no sense. When you can't write a functionally fact-based response, attack, attack, attack.


Please point to a single fact in either of your remarks on this thread. Please. I'd love to see one. And quite how my remark - which was, I admit, snippy - "proves" your point leaves me baffled.

I described you as functionally illiterate because of previous postings, almost all of which are little more than asinine rants (see, for example, your repeated remarks about how to make a liberal go insane) and not one of which contains anything in the way of an argument.

So ok, there is no global warming. So what happens to all the pollution from the factories and vehicles? Absorbed by trees and turn into apples?

Sick and tired

Fact - Globull Warming is dead, done over.

What more do you need. A written invitation or how about The New York Times writing an article conceding that Globull Warming was nothing but a liberal diversion.

My remarks may be "asinine" but true. You can argue with my remarks because they are tru.

For example, my Sarah Palin remarks. I believe that the White House Press Secretary has been writing notes on his hands during press conferences. Palin may be dumb, stupid, uneducated, and unqualified, but SHE is in the White House. She is living in their heads. Rent Free. Thats a fact sick and tired.

Gore is a CO2 source

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