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Cranky Professor Part 2

So let me slightly revise and extend my remarks of Obama's performance on Fox News yesterday.  One reason he came off so badly was because he put himself in an indefensible position.  There is an internally consistent argument that it is fine to break some procedural eggs to make the omelet of health care reform (or conservative judges or whatever), but Obama couldn't make it.  He had boxed himself in by his earlier pious. goo goo statements about the filibuster, a transparent process (I wonder why the administration arm twisting of undecided Democrats isn't on CSPAN, it would make Jersey Shore look like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington), and his earlier demand for an up or down vote (well, before the Slaughter Solution).  There was just no talking his way out of his own hypocrisy.  So all he could do was blab and bluster and demand to keep talking ("let me finish") until time ran out.  He won't usually be in such a weak position.  I think his performance in Baltimore in front of the House Republican caucus will be closer to how we can usually expect him to perform in big situations.
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I keep tell ya, the guy's an empty suit. There's just no there there. -- don't expect anything from him other than party line. Rote is all he knows.

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