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The Queen has requested David Cameron to form a new government. He is thus the prime minister of the United Kingdom. But he presides over a hung Parliament, and so must now form a government with the Liberal Democrats. It's sort of like the Republicans needing to form a workable alliance with Ralph Nader and the Green Party. It won't be pretty.

Obama is calling Cameron in order to reach out to the new British government. The Tories have been rather cool toward America, while the Lib Dems border on outright hostility. So, now that Britain is a bit more adversarial and anti-American, perhaps Obama will finally begin treating them with a bit of respect.

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But haven't a portion of the Tories always had a contempt for America?

Justin -- good comments. Ken -- so what? The last serious Tory prime minister was Margaret Thatcher, a great friend of America's. And then there was Churchill. I'll take the average Tory's, and the average Tory MP's or leader's, opinion of America over that of the average Labourite or Liberal Democrat any day. Cameron himself, on the other hand, may be anti-American. We shall see.

"perhaps Obama will finally begin treating them with a bit of respect."

ROTFLOL. Won't happen. Obama throws people under the bus on a regular basis including his "pastor of twenty years".

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