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Which Countries Are the Most Pro-American?

Real Clear World asks the question, and finds the nations which most approve of U.S. leadership all located in one spot: Sub-Saharan Africa.

So, why do these poorest of nations exceedingly admire the leadership of the richest of nations? Surely, the election of Obama - an African-American whose father was a Kenyan - has not hindered perceptions of the U.S. But the lion's share of our good graces on the African continent is the legacy of the Bush years.

PEPFAR (AIDS reduction), debt forgiveness, food and health aid packages, recognizing genocide in Darfur and establishing an Africa-oriented military command have been the most significant pro-African policies of any nation in history.

It's refreshing to see foreign appreciation for America's good-will. It is by no means universal.

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The number one name for babies boys in many sub-Saharan countries is "George".

Which countries are Pro American?

Easy. The ones whose citizens keep illegally crossing our borders.

Cowgirl, that's just plain silly. Most of the countries where the majority of illegals hail from hate our guts.
Good post, Justin. It's nice to hear SOMEONE likes us once in a while.

Yes, but these are among the weakest nations on the planet. I think we'd like to be esteemed by some of the strongest. But I'll settle for respected rather than loved.


Most of the countries where the majority of illegals hail from hate our guts? Really. Mexico's number one money-maker is oil. Number two - money sent by illegals in America to Mexico. Same goes for many other countries. Don't kid yourself - they love us. They just won't admit it.

Cowgirl, Sorry, but in politics, "admitting it" is what love is all about. Who cares if Calderon sleeps with an American flag under his pillow, if he comes here and insults us to our face? I think you are confusing love with lust.

Nope. Illegal immigrants really loves us - they just won't admit from their mouths, but instead with their feet. To give up your country and culture and walk illegally to another country is love and lust all bundled up together. Especially a country where you are given a free ride - even to the point of being drunk and rear-ending a Congressman who then forgives you.

India is highly pro american. Probably becuase 50 years of allying with the Commies showed them that they're still a basket case!!!

Still better to have India as a friend rather than an enemy. I dont trust the Chinese one bit

Mexico is top number eight for being 56 % Pro American and India's number six and 59 % Pro American.Kenya is top two,87 % and Ivory Coast is number one,88 %.These percentages are probably based on the amount of agreeable laws acquiring and holding colonies and dependencies.But i think Israeli government and the U.S.A government are best buddies,Israel being the most and personal Pro American country that not only support but are in collaboration to demolish the world.

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