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I guess we need a category for "shameless friend promotion."

Our own William Voegeli gets a shout-out today in Jonah Goldberg's column over at NRO (the column also appeared yesterday in USA Today) for his just released book, Never Enough:  America's Limitless Welfare State.  Goldberg suggests that the purists who insist on need (as determined by their own very pliant heartstrings) and the purists who ideologically oppose any and all safety nets in society have led, are leading and will continue to lead us toward a stalemate that ends with the same result:  Greece. 

Bill also gets a nod this week from George Will (a nationally syndicated version will appear tomorrow). 

Bill is scheduled to appear on both the Michael Medved and the Dennis Prager shows in coming weeks.  So stay tuned to those also.  

Finally, a very good source tells me that Bill did brisk business at a Book Expo in New York but found himself in the curious position of being seated near "a flowing haired former wrestler" whose fans and autograph seekers stretched around the block.  This source observed that it is, indeed, "a big country."  I hope Bill's fans here will show him just how big it is by ordering his book (and reading it!).  RTWT, as they say in the blogosphere.  

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Thank you, Julie! In addition to "Shameless Friend Promotion" we need an "Aimless Self Promotion" category, since I've done so little to keep NLT-ville up to speed. Sorry, friends. Selling a book is as time-consuming as writing one, it turns out. For NLT readers in the Washington area, I'll be giving a talk at the Heritage Foundation on Tuesday, June 22nd, and the American Enterprise Institute on Thursday the 24th. Details to follow. I promise.

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