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The World Gone Mad, Part 12,896

Seen in California, natch.

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That's up north somewhere, I assume. I haven't seen anything like that down here. Not even on the West Side. Question: Public or private parking?

Let's see... If I put a solar panel on the roof of my car, will it then count as a hybrid? Or maybe a windmill attached to the top so I can use it to charge the batteries while I motor down the road?

Is my moped thus a hybrid and could be parked there?

Where can the madness end?

I gather that's not Monsanto's parking lot.

It was a private hotel parking lot over in Beverly Hills.

Wonder what Rand Paul would have to say about it?

Too bad we couldn't get comment from Senator Bryd, ex-KKK Grand Keagle and devout fighter of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 - you know the one he fillibustered for 17 hours....

I was driving along the Pennsylvania turnpike a few weeks ago and one of the rest stop had spots near the front reserved for "energy efficient" cars.

I certainly have no problem with private business only making parking available for hybrids.

I don't think Rand Paul would either.

And why, cowgirl, do you think that Byrd's thoughts on the sign would be particularly relevant or noteworthy?

(but nice job making the asinine assumption that I'm some Democratic party cheerleader)

The only thing "asinine" here is the company who made the sign. I wonder how many non-hybrids park in those spots thinking it is a joke.

Now you see it.

Now you don't.

This will be a welcome to my collection of stupid signs.

Beverly Hills? Ah, yeah, you're right. Madness.

I made no assine assumption. I stated fact. I threw the bait and you Joe Bite me it.

What I think is funny is the hypocrisy of the Left. They claim to be all about tolerance and equality, but virtually everything they do screams intolerance and hierarchy. In their moral universe, you are either "one of us" or downright evil.

Stupid people, they don't understand that there is no escaping human nature. Of course, if they did understand that, then they wouldn't be leftists.

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