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What?  The media exaggerate the oil spill?  Whodathunkit.  Not just Time, but also the Washington Post this morning, the New York Times yesterday, and even ABC News.  (Wonder if Chris Matthews will catch up with the news.)

Just as Ken Green and I predicted more than a month ago: "Still another cause for optimism is the location of the oil. The novel conditions of this spill have created a unique and previously unforeseen situation: rather than mostly rising and moving to shore, most of the oil is remaining dispersed in solution in the ocean. While that oil is bound to cause significant damage to marine life, the damage would likely have been much worse had more of the oil made landfall along Gulf-coast shores. Indeed, it is possible that the conditions of the Deepwater Horizon spill may cause the bulk of the oil to stay in less vulnerable ecosystems, where resilience is highest and recovery is fastest."

Actually what is notable here is not media second thoughts--that was inevitable--but the speed with which it has occurred.  
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"Not as bad as it could have been" is the administration's new mantra about the economy. I don't need to hear it applied to the oil leak. It's a distraction to the truth of the matter which is the fact that in neither case can the Obama administration be said to have *Produced* some better-than-expected outcome.

The irony is that, had the media establishment reported it that way from the start, it would have been better for President Obama.

Too bad the Journolist isn't available for comment. But I would assume that they are too busy trying to prove that Sarah Palin's son Trig is really Bristol Palin's son. After all this type of high-end, investigative journalism is way more critical than the obvious fact the Gulf Oil Spill or in Obama's words the Golf Oil Spill, has decimated hundreds of people's lives and income.

Well, what does this say about Gov. Jindal's hyperbole about the "end of days" in Louisiana?

Of course, the fact that Gulf has an already large dead zone means that the damage to wildlife is probably less severe than it would have otherwise been had the Gulf been considered ecologically healthy.

Dead zone? Don't tell that to the shrimp, crab, and sports fishermen there!

I'm sure you'll do an honest follow-up on this... eventually:;_ylt=AvVWcGb59aSI1W8OaaSu7Bas0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTNjc3AxNTNyBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTAwODE5L3VzX2d1bGZfb2lsX3NwaWxsBGNjb2RlA21vc3Rwb3B1bGFyBGNwb3MDMgRwb3MDOQRwdANob21lX2Nva2UEc2VjA3luX3RvcF9zdG9yeQRzbGsDcmVsYXRlZA--

A 22-mile-long invisible mist of oil is meandering far below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, where it will probably loiter for months or more, scientists reported Thursday in the first conclusive evidence of an underwater plume from the BP spill.

The most worrisome part is the slow pace at which the oil is breaking down in the cold, 40-degree water, making it a long-lasting but unseen threat to vulnerable marine life, experts said.

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