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Why Feminism is So Yesterday

I had noted that some whining feministas had complained that The Daily Show is sexist.  For a great example of why feminism is such a loser's creed these days, check out the response of the Women of the Daily Show.  
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The Women of the Daily Show tell us their value lies in the quality of their work and not because of any particular feminism or femininity therein -- although femininity does show through.
The interesting comparison is with Sarah Palin's "Mama Grizzlies" campaign in which women are strong and effective due in a large part because of their feminine (maternal) instincts. Palin's effort is stronger.
Feminism isn't waxing; it's morphing into something actually based in nature.

Of course, feminism could not escape nature. Although, I suppose a Muslim and a Christian might argue over what a woman naturally is. Their argument would be more serious than that between Palin and the Women of the Daily Show.

Feminism as loser's creed makes me think about its most damaging societal outworking, which is rampant single motherhood. Everyone loses with that one and we will only know that feminism has lost its effect when the statistics on single parenting turn around.

Definitely, Steven, I'm sure all of those women at The Daily Show would agree that "feminism is such a loser's creed."

Feminism is all about killing unborn babies. Talk to them about Bill Clinton using his position and power to get sexual favors from 22-year-old, White House intern and raping Juanita Broderick or stopping the stoning of Muslim women and their "feminism" goes limp. Like a wet noodle.

Feminism is, was, and always will be about denying female nature for the convenience of and in the service of male nature. Women who buy into it are losers but so, in the end, are the men who thought it was in their interest to persuade women to buy it.

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