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Everything is Spinning Out of Control

So I see the UN is appointing an official contact person for the whole planet in the event ET does finally make an appearance here.  I say it is a devilishly clever planetary defense bluff.  Upon meeting a UN bureaucrat, we may well fool any advance intelligence that there's anything of worth on this planet, and they'll move on.

Then there's this: The owner of the Segway company has died from a fall from . . . his Segway.  That can't be good for sales. 

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If the physicist who is the space alien contact person is obscure, and “Othman is absolutely the nearest thing we have to a ‘take me to your leader’ person." Really?? When she shows up at some world leader's door, will she be shown right in? Or are we talking strictly UN leadership and she will taking said space aliens to Ban ki-Moon? None of this is clear from the article.

Couldn't the UN put Jimmy Carter in this position? Not only was he once (at least) an actual Earth leader, from recent things he's said, talking with space aliens would be right up his alley.

Ki-moon -- sorry.

No, no, no, Kate - if anyone should get the honor of first contact it is the world's Muslim community for all their contributions to math and science without which there would be no NASA space program.

Then you are saying they are our leaders? No, thank you.

Topical humor based of what the head of NASA said about his mission to Muslims.

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