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She's a Witch?

"I dabbled in witchcraft...."

"My first date was a picnic on a satanic alter...."

"There was a little blood there...."

We 're all trying, Christine. Really. But if Bill Maher really has more like this, could I please be the first to suggest that you politely step aside and let Mike Castle win Delaware for the Republicans?

Maybe O'Donnell can rebound with a clever, witty public statement and quickly change the subject to the economy. But supposing her numbers begin to sink, her loss in November might be a relief rather than a disappointment. Six more weeks of this sort of news would be all but unbearable.

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I'm guessing that a useful tea partier can be forgiven for dabbling in Satanism.

Better that than a bearded socialist!

Yes, actually. If there is no room for sadder-but-wiser conservatives in politics, then a whole lot of those in the baby-boom generation and those that come after are simply going to be impossible as candidates.

Can't O'Donnell say, "Yes, I was a foolish when I was young, wasn't I?" and get on with her campaign? There may be plenty of room to fault her when we consider how she does on the issues confronting her state and the nation. Yes, absolutely, better a woman who was stupid when young, but learned from her errors, than a man who never did grow out of youthful foolishness and thinks socialism is a good idea.

Does she weigh the same as a duck?

She's no crazier than many on the Left (Earth First! anyone?), but that's not to say she's sane.

How could people in Delaware vote for this?

Redwald, can you name an Earth First! -er who has run and/or won for any significant office? Good luck on that, as I think the vast majority of them lean to more anarchic views and would probably scoff at the idea that government could or would do much good for the cause of saving the planet. - Hmm.... part of that sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Anyway, until Maher's next clip comes out, here are some tribute songs to the Satan-lady O'Donnell:

You know, Scanlon, I actually pity you.

Ms. O'Donnell may have some other issues that cast doubt on her electibility. But if this witchcraft thing is what the Left wants to go after her on, that's actually a blessing.

If, according to His Hopeful Changeness, religious freedom grants the right to build the Ground Zero Mosque, then, too, must it it grant Ms. O'Donnell the right to worship a tree, should she desire.

You really want Castle, Mr. Paulette? I'd rather let the Dems keep the seat, than re-elect him. Principles over Party Hats!

Republican's got ousted for acting like Democrats. Let the Dems do that. Or haven't we learned anything?

Maybe, O'Donnell could just say the witches in her coven were some "gals from the neighborhood". If that works for a certain Weatherman Terrorist, then certainly it should work for her.

You pity me, Redwald? I can't say that's a good answer to my question (again, name an Earth-Firster in office), and I can't say I care in the least whether you pity me or worship me or whatever, but I'll go ahead and play your game - WHY, oh why, Redwald, do you pity me?

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