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Out of the Mouths of "Babes"

God bless these young women in Connecticut who have the good sense to appeal to their local school board and ask that the cheerleading squad to which they belong be allowed to purchase some clothes!  I point to this story both to "cheer" the good sense of these girls and to point to the many ways in which adults surrounding young people can expose themselves as morons when they veer away from common sense and decency.  This is a simple story of a group of cheerleaders who have enough respect for themselves to want to do their job in a way that brings honor to themselves and to the school they represent.  The reports about it bring us speculation and hair-tearing about the possibility of links between uniforms and eating disorders; the intricacies, proprieties and legalities of dress codes; and the rantings of a superintendent who would rather see the girls expose themselves in short shorts than wear skirts she considered to be "cheesy." 
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