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Below are the races I will be following closely tonight. This is not every close race; nor is it every race that is likely to switch seats. Instead, I tried to find those races where voters are more clearly giving their verdict on the past two years of Democratic control in Congress and the White House. I've also included the ones that Obama has visited in the past couple weeks as well as a few other interesting ones. (Note: An * next to a name notes an incumbent.)

 State RaceComments
7:00 PMINHouse 2Donnelly (D)* vs. Walorski (R)Donnelly won by 37% in '08
7:00 PMINHouse 9Hill (D)* vs. Young (R)Hill won by 20% in '08
7:00 PMKYHouse 6Chandler (D)* vs. Barr (R)Chandler won by 30% in '08
7:00 PMSCHouse 5Spratt (D)* vs. Mulvaney (R) Spratt is a 14 term incumbent and won by 25% in '08
7:00 PMVAHouse 5Perriello (D)* vs. Hurt (R) Liberal in Conservative district; Only Obama visit for a House candidate on 10/29
7:00 PMVAHouse 9Boucher (D)* vs. Griffith (R)Boucher is a 13 term incumbent and ran unopposed in '08
7:00 PMVAHouse 11Connolly (D)* vs. Fimian (R) 
7:30 PMOHHouse 1Driehaus (D)* vs. Chabot (R) 
7:30 PMOHHouse 6Wilson (D)* vs. Johnson (R)Strickland's former seat; Wilson won by 29% in '08
7:30 PMOHHouse 15Kilroy (D)* vs. Stivers (R) 
7:30 PMOHHouse 16Boccieri (D)* vs. Renacci (R)Boccieri voted against health care then for it. The Ashbrook Center is in his district.
7:30 PMOHHouse 18Space (D)* vs. Gibbs (R)Space won by 20% in '08
7:30 PMOHGovernorStrickland (D)* vs. Kasich (R) Obama Visits 10/17 and 10/31
7:30 PMWVSenateManchin (D) vs. Raese (R) Open Seat (D)
7:30 PMWVHouse 1McKinley (R) vs. Oliverio (D)Open Seat (D); Mollohan (D) ran unopposed in '08
8:00 PMCTGovernorFoley (R) vs. Malloy (D)Open Seat (R)
8:00 PMCTSenateBlumenthal (D) vs. McMahon (R)Open Seat (D)
8:00 PMDEHouse ALCarney (D) vs. Urquhart (R)Open Seat (R)
8:00 PMILSenateGiannoulias (D) vs. Kirk (R) Open Seat (D); Obama Visit 10/30; Obama's former seat
8:00 PMILHouse 10Dold (R) vs. Seals (D)Open Seat (R); Kirk's former seat
8:00 PMILGovernorQuinn (D)* vs. Brady (R) 
8:00 PMFLHouse 2Boyd (D)* vs. Southerland (R)Boyd won by 25% in '08 and ran unopposed in '06
8:00 PMFLHouse 8Grayson (D)* vs. Webster (R) 
8:00 PMFLHouse 22Klein (D)* vs. West (R) 
8:00 PMFLHouse 24Kosmas (D)* vs. Adams (R) 
8:00 PMFLHouse 25Rivera (R) vs. Garcia (D)Open Seat (R)
8:00 PMFLGovernorScott (R) vs. Sink (D)Open Seat (R)
8:00 PMOKIssue 756Health Care Choice 
8:00 PMMAHouse 4Frank (D)* vs. Bielat (R)Unlikely GOP win but fun to watch
8:00 PMMAHouse 10Keating (D) vs. Perry (R)Open Seat (D); Delahunt (D) ran unopposed in '08
8:00 PMMAGovernorPatrick (D)* vs. Baker (R) vs. Cahill (I) 
8:00 PMNHHouse 2Kuster (D) vs. Bass (R)Open Seat (D)
8:00 PMPASenateSestak (D) vs. Toomey (R) Open Seat (D); Obama Visit 10/30
8:30 PMARSenateLincoln (D)* vs. Boozman (R)  
9:00 PMCOSenateBennet (D)* vs. Buck (R)  
9:00 PMCOHouse 4Markey (D)* vs. Gardner (R)  
9:00 PMCOHouse 7Perlmutter (D)* vs. Frazier (R)Perlmutter won by 28% in '08
9:00 PMCOIssue 63Health Care Choice 
9:00 PMLAHouse 2Cao (R)* vs. Richmond (D)One of the few Republican losses expected in '10; Longtime Rep Bill Jefferson (D) went to prison in '09
9:00 PMMNHouse 8Oberstar (D)* vs. Cravaack (R)Oberstar is a 14 term incumbent and won by 36% in '08
9:00 PMNYHouse 13McMahon (D)* vs. Grimm (R) 
9:00 PMNYHouse 19Hall (D)* vs. Hayworth (R) 
9:00 PMNYHouse 20Murphy (D)* vs. Gibson (R) 
9:00 PMNYHouse 24Arcuri (D)* vs. Hanna (R) 
9:00 PMWISenateFeingold (D)* vs. Johnson (R) Feingold is a 18 year incumbent
10:00 PMAZHouse 3Hulburd (D) vs. Quayle (R)Open Seat (R); typically a Republican district
10:00 PMAZProp 106Health Care Choice 
10:00 PMNVSenateReid (D)* vs. Angle (R) Obama visit 10/22
10:00 PMNVHouse 3Titus (D)* vs. Heck (R) 
11:00 PMWASenateMurray (D)* vs. Rossi (R) Obama Visit 10/21
11:00 PMWAHouse 8Reichert (R)* vs. DelBene (D)Obama won District by 14
11:00 PMCASenateBoxer (D)* vs. Fiorina (R) Obama Visit 10/22
11:00 PMCAHouse 3Lungren (R)* vs. Bera (D) 
11:00 PMORGovernorDudley (R) vs. Kitzhaber (D)*Obama visit on 10/20
12:00 PMHIHouse 1Djou (R)* vs. Hanabusa (D)Typically a democratic seat; Djou is the one of the few Republican losses expected in '10
1:00 AMAKSenateMiller (R) vs. McAdams (D) vs. Murloswki (I)
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