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How to handle ambulance chasers

A classic exchange from the 1970s.

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Yeah, that is epic. But it was just a certain style of football fan. The thing is as long as you go to a browns game you assume a certain level of risk, this is actually even more true if you have actually forseen the danger.

I kind of think it depends on where you are in Browns stadium. You have the "Dawg pound" where you assume all the risk.

Then you have the code of conduct, which more or less covers everyone.

If you want you can Text BROWNS to 78247, to report any violations.

This is all just sort of a catharsis type system, for the vigilant/citizens. It is actually taken much more seriously in the AT&T level.

Because here you have the touchdown club, legends club, and suite packages. The price and also I think the "business purpose" of this area, means that the rules and expectations are considerably different from what they would be in the Dawg pound.

I mean this is where folks think Mitt Romney would end up if he went to a Browns game.

But frankly given ticket prices, and tax deductions for "business purposes", the why of going to a browns game is different for this sort of fan.

Direct TV and Best Buy commericals for high quality televisions make a good point about value. I mean if you want to watch a football game as an end in itself, you watch it on TV. Anymore if you actually go to a big bowl game, or actually go to the SuperBowl, you go almost for a business purpose. Football as an end in itself? Well maybe except that at $1,000 a ticket you might want to find a tax deduction. So either way the MBA's and ambulance chasers hook up.

Its 2010, yeah the Browns front office certainly handled that 1970's exchange.

In fact in the 1970's it was Art Modell's team+ his joke about "26 republicans who vote socialist." (redistribute the television revenue).

A cold wind blows over the politics and woes of cleveland atheletics, a long discussion between the MBA's and ambulance chasers in the modern Agora, near the rock and roll hall of fame, on the shore of the great lake that burned and gave rise to the clean water act of 1972. In a bar a working man drinks a Great lakes burning river, enjoying the game from the proceeds of selling his ticket to the ambulance chaser, and bitches about Lebron, and the lawyers and the NCAA and the lack of pride that Pryor has to sell his gear.

The tweeting catharsis of history tries to forsee and speak for history as it effortlessly weaves the lives of men like threads in a larger pattern. From the pattern a cold wind blows south from cleveland, causing a shiver in the homes of Buckeye fans in Ohio this night.

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