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Now that the DADT is Done

The question remains:  How will the repeal be implemented?  Mac Owens explains that repeal should be implemented in a way that does as little to compromise military readiness as is possible under the circumstances--stressing, again, that the purpose of the military as a fighting machine ought to be the guiding principle whenever making decisions about it.  Robert Gates shares this view and has indicated that he make take some time before certifying the change.  But Owens worries that Gates may soon depart the administration and be replaced with someone who, like Obama, is eager to act for political reasons.  " And this is the great danger: that the repeal will be expedited for political reasons no matter the impact on the military."

Read the whole thing for a good insight into the potential problems.(and, perhaps, some possible solutions to those problems) this change in policy is likely to bring with it.
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Let's staff the military security staffs for our embassies around the world with openly gay personnel. Then let's see if the State Department raises a concern.

Those would be Marines....

The opponents of DADT don't appreciate how it protected gays. I predict some real backlash here.....

My captcha code athanaion (in Greek) and another word.

Just as we have become accustomed to hearing about women being victimized in the military (their participation wasn't supposed to be problematic, remember?), I predict that we will now begin to hear of love triangles leading to murder and mayhem in the ranks. But let's not regret our decision -- it was a matter of civil rights, yes?

Can't wait to find out how radical Muslim terrorists feel about it.

They already saw the heads off of captured troops and video tape it - I doubt whether their hatred of us could get any worse. Of course, they have some common ground with NAMBLA, so who's to say who they'll react?

The next Secretary of Defense can declare that the military will honor spousal benefits for gays who have married in states where they can marry. Spouse and Family Benefits, survivor benefits, these are incentives offered to retain military personnel and it is only logical that they would be extended to homosexual partners of service members.

Andrew, you are referring to this ?

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