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Politicization and Incompetence at DOJ

Former attorney general Michael Mukasey's views on his successor, Attorney General Eric Holder, are laid bare in a Weekly Standard interview with Jennifer Rubin. Murkasey "candidly asserts that Holder's conduct in several key respects has been 'amazing.' That's not meant as a compliment."

The imagined abuses of the Bush era DOJ were relentlessly pursued by the media (to little credible effect), whereas brazen violations of ethical boundaries in Obama's DOJ have garnered scandalously little attention. Witch-hunts for conservatives, negligence in the war on terror, reverse discrimination and political interference in individual cases have marked this administration's Justice Department. There is shame in such abuses, as well as insight into the character of the abuser.

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Why do you suppose they did not just print a Q & A transcript?

One structural reform you might attempt is separating the functions of prosector and plaintiffs' attorney from the functions of policing and imprisonment from the functions of defendant's attorney and legal counsel. In local government, you have a district attorney, a corporation counsel or county attorney, and a sheriff or police chief. You might do the same, making the the federal sheriff and corporation counsel discretionary appointees and the attorney-general appointed for a fixed-term and dischargeable only after a public hearing (like the comptroller-general is today). Of course, you would still be stuck with the professional culture of the (liberal) bar, with its antinomian aspect.

But then, we already suspected this, when we found out that Holder had evaded income tax.

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