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Ann Althouse reminds us of what The New Republic had to say about civility when Obama became President:

Obama should save the civility shtick for Republicans he'll have to work with. As for the guy retiring to Texas, the new administration should ensure he remains the useful foil he was during the 2008 campaign. That starts with letting nothing--not public amnesia, not nostalgia, and certainly not a statesmanlike gesture from the White House--lift him from the PR cellar. When the new crew opens up the books on Bush's government, they ought to let every embarrassing detail out....
Democrats ran against Herbert Hoover for decades; Republicans kicked around Jimmy Carter for a dozen years. If Bush's successors play their cards right, Democrats could use his legacy as a thumb on their side of the scale for a generation....
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But of course ... this doesn't surprise me in the least.

And I promise you this -- you take this evidence and place it before the author of that The New Republic article and I promise you he or she would immediately deny there's a contradiction.

Then, when the foolishness of that settles in would immediately come up with a unpersuasive justification.

They -- liberals -- simply can not let 1 + 1 = 2 simply because it is.

1 + 1 only equals 2 if they deem it so, subject to their particular needs at that moment.

Otherwise, 1 + 1 equals 3, or 7, or Bushitler, or whatever.

Oh, by the way ... Stop the Presses!! ... there's a billboard in Tucson that has -- gasp! -- a Marine with ... with ...

(Give me a moment to compose myself)

... with a ... gun ... well, to be precise, a rifle.

Actually, this should be good news to liberals. Now they can use this excuse a whole range of behavior.

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