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Political leaders in Washington have offered universal condolences and shown true human decency in the wake of Arizona's tragedy.

Obama: "Such a senseless and terrible act of violence has no place in a free society."

Boehner: "An attack on one who serves is an attack on all who serve."

Rep. Eric Cantor also announced, "All legislation currently scheduled to be considered by the House of Representatives next week is being postponed so that we can take whatever actions may be necessary in light of today's tragedy."

I expect our statesmen will continue to conduct themselves appropriately throughout the course of this crisis. It is important to remember that Rep. Giffords was only one of a dozen people injured or killed during this tragedy - one victim was a federal judge appointed by George H.W. Bush, another was a small girl.

But the most rank partisan outlets, such as the Washington Post (blaming handgun laws) and CNN (blaming Sarah Palin), have already begun to indict conservatives, Republicans, Tea Partiers, etc. And this is the administration of Rahm Emmanuel: "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste." Extremists will no doubt attempt to capitalize on this killing - decent people should remember that such shameless indictments reflect the indecency of the accuser rather than the accused.

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The progressives and/or the ruling elite have been treating the constitution and the people of this country with utter contempt for so long, what do they expect to happen. If the people in office and others don't start acting as responsible public servants there will be more of those acts. The people have had enough! So take heade.
( I guess this means I'm on another government watch list ) Free country - ha.

The Bible says that the world will call things that are wrong - right and vice-versa.

Our nation has never ever been so close to being communistic. When we get upset it is not allowed. To get angry at Bush and hate him verbally and written, it was o.k. When the right gets upset because we see the true America vanishiing - we are wrong.

I am so glad that Jesus will vindicate those who are his. One of the reasons Palin is attacked so much is because she does belong to the Lord.

We may have to wait for judgement day - but the Lord is the ruler of all and has made mankind and watches all that goes on on the earth. On that day, truth will be made known when every knee must bow before Christ.

You deserve to be on a government list. This isn't a website that supports violence against elected officials. Take your tough-guy trash back to the fever swamp. You can still vote them out, idiot.

And so Jeff you are condoning the senseless act of violence. Yes this country needs help and yes it is sad that it has fallen so far from its beginnings but no one deserves to be shot just because their politics may not be what we like. I hope you don't own a gun!!!!!

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