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The Looming Energy Debate

Over the past years, the Czech Republic has invested heavily in renewable energy, such as solar power. Unsurprisingly, the Czech government is now quietly admitting that energy prices are going to rise, in part, due to these subsidies and the resulting higher energy costs which the public must now purchase.

Powerline suggests that this same looming consequence in America will be "the next Obama disaster." In light of rising oil costs, energy is an issue waiting in the wings for its cue to take center stage in the public debate. Having opposed off-shore drilling and committed America to renewable energy, Obama will not endure such a debate unscathed.

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Oh, but don't you realize? Whatever problems come from all this will simply be the Republican's fault. They control the House.

See, when Obama took over in 2008 he worked the "blame the last party in power" for nearly two years.

But rather than employing any consistency in their arguments, they'll "pull a Scanlon" and simply revert their argument in another direction.

It'll be blamed on the Republicans.

The MSM will chime in.

Scanlon will be active here offering several hundred thousands links from all his fever-swamp sites. Heaven forbid any of us would counter with, say, a link to NRO or Powerline ... those are obviously sites to be dismissed out of hand. But "" and their commentary is gold, baby ... gold.

Yes, without a doubt they will try to pin this on the GOP, but I think the "they done it" act has worn very thin. It's doubtful that enough independents/moderates will believe the lies this time around to help him win reelection.

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