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Three Reasons to Remember

There's always a good reason to remember a fine speech but there are at least three big ones that come to mind today making this fine speech from Ronald Reagan on the Challenger disaster required and salient reading (or, better still, viewing):

1.  It is the 25th anniversary of the disaster and it is a fitting tribute to the memory of the dead.

2.  Next week will mark the centenary of Ronald Reagan's birth.

3.  In this speech, it seems to me, is a soaring tribute to both the freedom and daring of Americans that answers Obama's anxious talk about a "Sputnik moment" with manly eloquence.  "The future doesn't belong to the fainthearted; it belongs to the brave."  
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The last point is the truest. The meek hardly ever inherit anything, and when they do it's generally been worn out by the bold. Our republic didn't become the continent-striding giant of today by being fastidious and timid -- people with the PC mentality should consider this.

Political correctness is actually a mental cancer that is destroying our polity.

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