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Having lost half their numbers in 2010, as moderates swung heavily for the GOP, the Democratic Leadership Council is boarding up their windows and closing their doors. The platform of Clinton's moderate "third way" agenda, DLC was the dwindling centrist coalition of the Democratic party.

Its collapse is symbolic of the ever-more liberal nature of the remaining Democratic party. One can't help but to recall Nancy Pelosi's famous assertion that Democrats were punished in November for not being liberal enough.

The media trumped up a faux scandal by claiming dissention in the GOP ranks during the rise of the Tea Party - but the effect of this dissention was a massive electoral victory. Perhaps the monolithically liberal Democratic party could use a little scandalous dissention of thier own. But DLC's demise makes that dissent a little less likely.

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A bad sign.

A seldom-told story of the aughtie politics, is the way so many Democrats turned against the DLC around the same time the neo-con/W. conspiracy theories began taking popular flight.

Kos became the model of the way forward, and the DLC the model of the sort of politics to avoid.

In a way it's good news. I always thought the DLC was just window dressing for what was the real Democrat party -- socialist, transformative, multicultural (all of which bring social ruin). Now, no more hiding the beast behind slick words and false reasonableness. Our only hope has always been that these people couldn't maintain their facade. Let's see their true nature and act accordingly.

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