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The Mask of Soros

It is amusing to see how angry the Left is at the Koch brothers nowadays, but they seldom discuss the money that George Soros and other wealthy Lefties use to fund everything from Think Progress to Common Cause.  It would be nice to see the establishment media explore the relationship between these guys and the Leftosphere.
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I think your Great Educator Glenn Beck has already covered that hasn't he?

On America's most popular news channel.

Haha, nice title.

If Adolph Hitler appeared with a billion dollars to dole out to lefty causes, they'd happily take the money and justify it on the basis of the good it does.

If Joseph Stalin ... oh, wait ... he's a lefty hero.

Ah ... if Richard Nixon came back to life and had billions to pass out to liberal causes, they'd hail the man as the greatest person who ever walked the earth.

Nixon? He did and they didn't.

I agree with your point, please share with us more good articles.

Now, wait a minute, I'm all for your being amused, but if you think that there's no point in investigating, or no big problem to be found in the activities of the Koch brothers, then why should you care about what Soros does with his billions earned as a good, old-fashioned capitalist? (Bonus question: Did you know that Soros was "born American, but in the wrong place"?)

It strikes me that the best argument you've got here is that Soros spends his money - to some extent - for an opposing team.

My bet is that most progressives would prefer that the system where money rules politics ought to be tossed outright, even if they lose Soros and some others. (See the opposition from the left to Citizens United)

But I think the right is generally quite comfy when debates are framed and dominated by the dollars of the wealthy (see the Americans for Prosperity creation of the tea parties and Club for Growth stuff, for starters), they just want those dollars to go to the correct causes (even if they have occasional, internecine spats on what those might be).

I think the left accepting Soros money is a sign of pragmatic resignation (much like seeing Bill Gates making efforts to help Africans - it's like we're just thankful that he's not obsessed with arctic oil exploration); still unhealthy, but probably realistic. Whereas the right (or in some cases, the libertarian right - a very specific sub-set) accepting Koch money is a sign of deep-rooted cynicism.

You are thankful that Soros is not obsessed with artic oil exploration - Again you must live on Mars and take drugs. Soros owns Petrobas Oil in Brazil which makes billions drilling offshore for oil. Let me spell that for you
D R I L L I N G F O R O I L.

By the way, the global warming god Al Gore - the bulk of his investments are in Occidental Oil Corporation. Let me spell that for you O C C I D E N T A L O I L.

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