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Want to bring the National Spelling Bee to a complete halt?  Ask the kids in the final round for a correct spelling of the first and last name of the "leader" of Libya.  It appears there really isn't an incorrect answer.  Here is a probably non-exhaustive list:

Muammar Qaddafi 
Mo'ammar Gadhafi 
Muammar Kaddafi 
Muammar Qadhafi 
Moammar El Kadhafi 
Muammar Gadafi 
Mu'ammar al-Qadafi 
Moamer El Kazzafi 
Moamar al-Gaddafi 
Mu'ammar Al Qathafi 
Muammar Al Qathafi 
Mo'ammar el-Gadhafi 
Moamar El Kadhafi 
Muammar al-Qadhafi 
Mu'ammar al-Qadhdhafi 
Mu'ammar Qadafi 
Moamar Gaddafi 
Mu'ammar Qadhdhafi 
Muammar Khaddafi 
Muammar al-Khaddafi 
Mu'amar al-Kadafi 
Muammar Ghaddafy 
Muammar Ghadafi 
Muammar Ghaddafi 
Muamar Kaddafi
Muammar Quathafi 
Mohammer Q'udafi 
Muammar Gheddafi 
Muamar Al-Kaddafi 
Moammar Khadafy 
Moammar Qudhafi 
Mu'ammar al-Qaddafi

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My economic(copyright/trademark) theory of power would suggest that since Islam maintains control by holding that the Koran(itself subject to multiple spellings) is only the Qu'aran if it is in Arabic, the promulgation of multiple english spellings for Arabic words or names serves to reinforce the power of Imams. While christians by and large tolerate many different (copyrights) on the Bible, Imams holds legistlative veto by being able to allow changed spelling, and thus shades of definition, and then declare these opposing readings/teachings and translations apostasy when compared to the original that they have sole access to.

The more english spellings for muslims words the easier it is for an Imam to bring and sell the apostasy charge.

On this theory the Imams would love me. Because I am always putting out dangerous theories I figure I am obliged to make spelling errors. After all credibility on the world wide web obeys a grammatical hierarchy, or so I am told by the english language guild. I am hopeing this is enough to prevent being stoned to death, as a proletarian I seek promisory estoppel in 1984.

All jokeing aside I thank you for the 2011 Index of Economic Freedom. Because I don't know anyone else connected to Heritage.

Again in early 2010 I made bullish statements on Germany, and I reiterate them. I actually think they have smarter labor law and corporate law than we do. I feel like Heritage was listening to me, because the blurb on Germany was much better and they put an upward revision on american labor law. I think if you took that seriously you would think that maybe the 95.7 which is the highest ranking, could suggest something about the direction of energies. Personally I think the 95.7 grade is actually a bit on the ideological side and doesn't take into account contracts of adhesion, differences in barganning power and imperfect knowledge so I would bend the standard a bit and this is where I give some credit to Germany. Dodge v. Ford was probably wrongly decided. Did old Henry know anything about goodwill, and labor relations that John Dodge did not? Is there a price to be paid by business and labor from overzealous legalism? I am just saying politicians could use a sort of business judgement rule, and understand where they are. It is a bit too naked of a corporatism to run the grade up. Not that they need to change standards, because they probably do that too much. Driving all this focus on Obama and Wisconsin. I know what they are selling but who is buying?

Now I know Google hearts Ireland, and I think folks will understand proletarian talk about "Double Irish" (Yay whiskey? yes:) So basically again, Ireland is overated (sp?) It is not that Heritage does a bad job or that this stuff is easy. It might be best not to realize that Krugman worked for Reagan, no points scored on that one. But what does Krugman see? Also with Google Analytics what does Google see?

Do you realize the incredible hat trick that Hannah Jacobs Wiseman is trying to sell in terms of the tragedy of the anti-commons? Do we really need to change our zonning laws so that large solar, wind, natural gas projects can be developed in key geographical areas, across jurisdictions? Incredibly interesting presentation by the way. It is 8 P.M. do you know where your ceteris paribus assumptions are?

HAHA! This is fantastic!

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