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Stinging NPR

Oh, what James O'Keefe has wrought.

Many years ago , blogs became the cutting edge of alternative news. The Drudge Report and others broke news to a conservative audience which would have otherwise been swept under the rug by the liberal MSM. Monica Lewinsky, of course, is the prime example. Power Line later exposed the fraudulent CBS documents relied upon by Dan Rather to smear George W. Bush's military service.

The use of camera phones has made citizen reporters a front line source of news. Whether posted on-line or picked up by the MSM, they provide behind the scenes images of stories beyond the lens of an MSM camera. Also, as in the case of Rep. Cleaver's claim that Tea Partiers had hurled racial vulgarities at him, cell phone videos revealed the absence of a claimed story.

Now, undercover sting operations have begun to revolutionize news. It began with ACORN, moved to Planned Parenthood and has now landed at NPR. Two actors pretending to be donors from the Muslim Brotherhood intent on spreading sharia law across America sit down for lunch with two senior NPR executives who reveal the sort of ideology pervading government-funded radio.

Just one example: "The current Republican Party, particularly the Tea Party, is fanatically involved in people's personal lives and very fundamental Christian - I wouldn't even call it Christian. It's this weird evangelical kind of move.... [They aren't] just Islamaphobic, but really xenophobic, I mean basically they are, they believe in sort of white, middle-America gun-toting. I mean, it's scary. They're seriously racist, racist people."

And there's plenty more on the media-controlling Jews Zionists, anti-intellectual conservatives, the Muslim Brotherhood in America, etc. I'm sure this wasn't the sort of hate-filled, bigoted rhetoric the left had in mind when they called for a new civility - nor which NPR had in mind when they "proudly" fired Juan Williams for "expressing his opinion."

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I believe it was Dan Rather at CBS (and the 60 Minutes newsprogram) who was behind the smearing of Bush using fraudulent documents and not Tom Brokaw.

Brokaw, Rather - what's the difference?!?

Error corrected, thank you.

I'll candidly say that I liked this blog a lot better with less Paulette posts. I mean, OK. Ya. I get it: NPR stinks. Still, a post like this doesn't necessarily exude thoughtfulness. One of the great things about the Ashbrook Center is that it exhorts American citizens to govern themselves by deliberation and choice rather than accident and force. This detracts from that most sacred end.

Yikes. I think it was Steve Hayward here who one time blogged about some situation in which Jon Stewart gave a little scolding to liberals on one very specific issue; he said something like "If you've lost Stewart... "

So, perhaps for NLT-land, it works like "If you've lost the guy who calls himself 'Owl of Minerva'..."

Wish we could post that we have lost the guy who calls himself Scanlon....

One of the intriguing angles to this story is that Schiller must (?) have had wind that this video was coming out, as he left NPR last week for a fat job at the Aspen Institute in CO.

Does this mean that the Aspen Institute doesn't care about having someone with these expressed views on its senior staff?

Or is it the case that the job switch is purely coincidental, in which case the next shoe we may hear dropping will be a blind-sided Aspen suddenly announcing that Schiller's job offer has been withdrawn because of his "appalling" (NPR's word) opinions?

At any rate, tracing Schiller's future career as a fundraiser for high-profile liberal institutions will provide some interesting evidence regarding the degree to which those institutions find his views acceptable.

He's now a bit like a radioactive dye that's been injected into the bloodstream of establishment liberalism; where will he end up?

Yahoo's The Cutline reports:

" 'Ron Schiller has informed us that, in light of the controversy surrounding his recent statements, he does not feel that it's in the best interests of the Aspen Institute for him to come work here,' [an institute] spokesman said in a statement to The Cutline."

I read a biographical sketch of this fellow Schiller issued by NPR at the time of his hire. He evidently has a (male) squeeze in Aspen who runs something called the Aspen Music Festival. Schiller was supposed to run the Aspen Institute's Arts program. It would not surprise me to discover there is a lavender network that lobbied for a position for him at the Aspen Institute, and will go to work for him again.

So, did this sleeze understand the position of Sharia on homosexuality when he broke bread with these pseudo-Muslims with deep pockets? I'm betting he did, so what does that say about him?

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