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It is starting to become more difficult to turn to a provider of news or surf the Internet without running into something about the upcoming wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton. Earlier today I saw one article asking how the grandson of Elizabeth II and his elegant and beautiful bride-to-be might be as King and Queen. I contend that the appropriate response should be, who cares?

Though it might be that some Americans might look longingly at the royalty across the pond for inspiration and an example of old-age nobility (what with the closest we have to "royalty" bearing names like Kennedy or talking about their flaming fists of fury in Hollywood), the Monarchy serves little more purpose than giving us subjects for good movies like The Queen and The King's Speech (again, just like Hollywood). In fact, that whole "looking at them for nobility" thing doesn't really hold that much water either, as the Royal Family is prone to gaff after embarrassing gaff, whether it is their sort of fascist-supporting tendencies during WWII (and the king's abdication to marry a still-married and twice-divorced American) or Prince Andrew's recent poor choice in friends. While I can understand the British clinging to the monarchy in the same way my mother still insists on leaving some of my grade school art projects on her refrigerator, I'd expect Americans to realize that the actors and political families we have an obnoxious fascination with actually did something (for better or worse); all Elizabeth, Charles, and William did was survive childbirth.

Maybe Jon Stewart had the right idea: let's buy the monarchy and put it to work. In any event, congratulations and good luck to the spouses-to-be. 
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Mr. O'Brien-Bours, meet Mr. Paulette:

"...I wonder if I am alone in mourning the degradation of regality and ... well, nobility which ought to accompany a royal head-of-state. "Nobility is a graceful ornament to the civil order," observed Edmund Burke. "It is the Corinthian capital of polished society." I believe Tocqueville noted that democracy, while unlikely to fall into such depths of depravity as might be detected in a decadent aristocracy, likewise was not hopeful of attaining such heights of beauty as exemplified in a virtuous aristocracy.

Surely the royals have at times failed to provide a dignified and elite model for the masses to adore - but has even the queen abrogated the duty to provide an earthly example of the extraordinary and exquisite?"

People who look at some issues differently on the same blog? Impossible!

I agree 100% . Americans are very obnoxious when it comes to any type of pop culture news...
by the way Robinson, its nice to see that you have made something of yourself i asked my cousin Nathan about you a couple years ago and he said you were doing well.... all those St. Josephs days are gone now... by the way i am sorry about that dance:) keep up the good work and take care

Thanks for everything you do on this blog.

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