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The Trouble With Birthright (Cont.)

California has reportedly shut down centers that specialized in taking in mothers who come to America only to give birth to their children on American soil to make their children U.S. citizens.

Another example of why it's a bad idea to base citizenship on soil rather than the principles of 1776.

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As more and more wealthy people and business leave the Stupid State and the money for entitlements - including that of state/county/city workers - will become a holy grail. The unions who have so readily protected illegal aliens and the "poor", will not longer do so when it looks to them like their piece of the pie is going to be cut.

Give The Stupid State some more time. Brown will not be able to fix the deficit issue, particularly the one surrounding Calpers and CATRS, and those union members/teachers "who so support and love the poor and down-trodden" will turn into ugly, mean protestors only worried about their piece of the entitlements.

Just wait - abortion will not longer be a freebie protected by the state/county/city workers when they start losing their freebies.....

It will get uglier and uglier.

Yes,'s China. I confess I haven't seen any article that says these birthing centers are a result of the one-child policy, but surely they could be. If these children are citizens of the US and not of China does it mean they can live?

"Fines, pressures to abort a pregnancy, and even forced sterilization accompanied second or subsequent pregnancies."

Or come to the US to have your child.

Nope, we can't save the world, Kate. Those women need to stay in China and work hard to reform their own government.

They are just pursuing their self-interest. If we don't want their children to be US citizens we should change our immigration law.

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