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"Born in the U.S.A."

Dukakis used "Come to America" as his campaign song, back in 1988.  Obama won't use this version of "Born in the U.S.A." as his.

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Wow, Ken. Are you actually putting yourself in with the birthers? It certainly looks that way, even if you are doing so subtly, in a "joke" post. Limbaugh... really??

Actually, Obama probably SHOULD use this in his campaign. I doubt he will, but he should.

The stuff about the certificate has been proven patently false - only ODS zombies are peddling that garbage at this point.

But the stuff about "nobody knew him" or remembers him is also bogus (even though that really wouldn't mean much of anything if it were true.):

As for the songs, what you should have mentioned, of course, is Reagan's ill-advised attempt to co-opt Springsteen's original of "Born in the U.S.A." and the popular appreciation for the song. (The Boss shot him down, of course)

It's truly amazing to me that on a blog in which a key figure has a pic of himself wrapped in the Stars & Stripes, where he's described as "Born American, but in the wrong place" that someone would really want to go this route, playing along with the fixations on the POTUS's birthplace. Of course it's laughably fact-free, but it's also kind of sleazy.

I'd bet a stack of Michael Moore DVDs that Obama is a Keynesian!!

Now do the quick follow-up with "Yeah, that's the ticket!"

Guaranteed laughs!!!

Not the comic genius exemplified by Limbaugh, but laughs all the same...

Not a fan of The Donald, but he is right about this. It's been more than three stinkin' years on this. Where is the certificate? More importantly, where is the ballyhooed let-me-be-clear presidential effort to produce it, to settle the issue? I could swallow not releasing it back in 2008 as a tactical way of letting the birthers hyperventilate and embarrass Republicans. Politics ain't beanbag. But now? Three years of letting the birthers go on? After his paeans to civility-promotion? The cynicism here, the utter contempt displayed for his fellow citizens that he is sworn to protect, is truly sick-making.

Did you even listen to Rush's rant that Ken linked to? It actually contains at least one small tidbit of truth in it. The Donald, when parading his own birth certificate, actually produced a LESS official copy than the one that Obama did (back in '08). [But make no mistake - both copies serve as more than adequate proof of birthplace]

Besides, Carl, I hate to break it to you, but this issue has really and truly been settled:

But really, at this point, maybe it would just be strategically wise for you to drop the birth certificate schtick. After all, when you've got Ashbrook Advisory Board member Bill Kristol calling Obama a "born-again neocon"

and the GOP line-up for 2012 looking as bleak as it does, perhaps it's time to reacquaint oneself with the conservative virtues of the status quo?

I have always thought this birther business is driven by the Obama people--Rush was making fun of Trump, after all.

...and Rush himself was probably created by the Obama team, as well, I suppose?

Very bizarre kind of thinking there, Ken. Projection blended with lack of attentiveness (the important thing is what Rush was mocking Trump ABOUT, not just that he was making fun of him).

Perhaps he calculates that if the long form certificate is produced, various parties will then turn their attention to obtaining other documents which have remained confidential (e.g. school transcripts, &c.). It is interesting how secure this sort of information can be in some circumstances - and how insecure in others.

Barack Obama, Sr. meets Ann Dunham in September 1960, knocks her up six weeks later, and marries her three months after that - a marriage he knew was invalid because bigamous. The child is born in August of 1961 and she leaves for Seattle a month later, baby in tow. From September 1961 to his death in 1982, they never live in the same city at the same time again. Cannot say what the rules and general practices were in 1961, but in our own time the association between Ann Dunham and Barack Obama, Sr. would likely trigger an inquiry by immigration authorities.

The Obama team/current Democratic Party is incapable of creating greatness.

"The Obama team/current Democratic Party is incapable of creating greatness."

You are quite right about that. Which is all the more reason why I would think it's embarrassing that the right (apparently) feels unable to show the door to that faction of their base - comprised of varying mixtures of the unreasonable, the unstable, and yes, the racist - which peddles this sort of nonsense, like the absurd birther conspiracies.

If your political opponents (I suppose I should say "enemies" in keeping with the tone of NLT) are so lame and ineffectual - and they are - you ought to be able to defeat them without resorting to this sort of shrill, undignified, unprincipled tactic. I wonder if it's just simple insecurity or a deeper gnawing sense that if the government-is-the-problem folks achieve complete domination they will provide the greatest demonstration yet of their own axiom?

You're the one keeping this alive--Rush is clearly ridiculing the birthers(and Trump--I heard the whole show), as I was, though you insist (in keeping with your libels) that we take the birthers seriously.

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