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The Week's Energy Update

Did I mention I am full of gas this week?

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Great Article.

T. Boone Pickens via hedge fund PB Capital, has been all about getting our truck fleets converted to Natural Gas, of course you don't air those political commercials during the 2008 campaign season and show up on Mad Money, unless you are looking for political action. Had T. Boone Pickens been a political candidate, he would have beaten Obama and McCain on Energy Policy(In my book at least)

As you point out it is not as if the EPA doesn't already regulate this, so the administrative agencies have been hearing about it in notice and comment for a long time. Jim Cramer recently spared with NY rep Maurice Hinchey on this and recommended CLH (Clean Harbors) The Clean Harbors CEO also Alan McKim can do fracking and cleanup cleanly. takeaway:"If you hire Clean Harbors then customers will have the technology to recycle and re-use the water, we will deal with the EPA"

Of course CLH has rallied a lot since Cramer started pumping it.

I find it hard to pretend that government isn't already knee deep in energy, so what would be wrong with a law that switched all commercial trucks to natural gas?(as lobbyied for by BP Capital, albeit transparently) I think it would help collapse diesel prices, which might mean we build more vehicles that run on diesel and it would also have some sort of effect upon oil prices (to the extent this isn't a global story). I am not really buying the story that we havea ton of oil (that isn't sour crude with sand), but we have tons of natural gas, and a lot of coal, so what you say more or less has to happen.

What about an energy policy that is not too dreamy or fake about drill baby drill on the right, or windpower subsidy driven(GE), or sunpower (FSLR), but instead tells a realist story and includes mention of players like Clean Harbors that helped keep the gulf spill from being as bad, and that are helping to make natural gas/fracking cleaner.

Also it is about time GE paid some taxes, The Ryan Plan would be more credible if we got rid of the "double irish" and the "dutch sandwich", without the drop to 25%. I mean come on, you aren't going to win over the "reagan/Cramer democrats" with the kinds of cuts you are proposing in the face of what seems to us to be rampant slight of hand corporatism. (put it in the light of day like T. Boone Pickens does, and I am fine with it, except well CNBC is owned by GE, so they do put it in the light of day, but maybe they go a bit far without a good enough argument for why the government is paying them.)

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