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Oh those Canadians.

Kathy Witterick, 38, and David Stocker, 39, are raising their third child, Storm, to be free of societal norms regarding gender. Is Storm male or female? The parents won't say, so no one knows except Storm's older brothers, Jazz and Kio, as well as a close family friend and two midwives who helped deliver the baby.

Luck Storm, Jazz and Kio to have life-partner parents who aren't constrained by silly "social norm" ... like biology. Practitioners of that pseudo-science called psychology "saw several advantages to the atypical scenario, including true self-determination for Storm."

A pro-family group summed up the situation rather succinctly by noting: "The vast majority of people have enough common sense to recognize that this is lunacy."

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I read this article about these two whack-job parents with great interest yesterday because on Saturday I watched the last half hour of a documentary called "Becoming Chaz". This is about Sonny and Cher's only child Chasity becoming a "MAN". Unfortunately for Chaz, her partner (who is a recovering alcholic) and Cher, one can only see complete and utter lunancy. It was funny to watch all Chaz's friends and family talk about how wonderful it was that Chaz finally "found" herself or himself or itself or whatever. Are these people sane? Of course they are. Reality is not what you want it to be, it is what it really is - Chaz is a girl who had surgery and took drugs to be a man.

I wonder, if say someone was just a checker at the local food market and say decided that all these people coming into the store where actually the CIA hunting her down because she really "BELIEVED" that she was a KGB agent, would she then qualify for surgery to turn her into a KGB agent so that she can really "FIND" herself.

There is great danger in a society when all that was right is now wrong and all that is wrong is now right. No good will come of either Chaz or the children of these left-wing, progessive radicals in Canada. This is just too easy to predict.

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