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Our own Justin Paulette has a new piece out in the Daily Caller on the rise and fall of the American educational system and how to restore it to its former glory. He lays out clearly how the United States was transformed from what Tocqueville once referred to as a greater mass of enlightenment than Europe to a nation outdone by the likes of South Korea, Hong Kong, Finland, and Singapore in international student evaluations, and how we can fix that. From the rise of secular education due to nativist concerns over Catholic immigration to the conquest of the universities by progressives to the passage of No Child Left Behind, the bureaucratic entanglements throttling our educational system are legion-- but still capable of being defeated if given the chance.

The progressive theories which shattered America's academic dominance rejected the millennia-old wisdom that knowledge stimulates understanding, which reciprocally enables the absorption of further knowledge and stimulates further understanding. The paradigm of progressive education is not the ethical transmission of accumulated knowledge from one generation to the next, but an abstract and subjective exercise in revolutionizing how students learn and think in a politically correct environment unpolluted by institutional trivia and socio-historic debris.

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Public school education in America should be listed as a child abuse crime and punishable by ten years in prison.

There you have it, folks. The well-reasoned and flawlessly logical musings of cowgirl - who resides in, which state again??

Cowgirl's hyperbole apparently escaped you, Scanlon. The left calls public schools prisons. Each side is calling attention to problems to burst the complacency about public schools which makes many people almost immune to fact or logic. Why is it good for government to run the schools? Why must they be herded into huge fenced-off campuses? Why can't education be privatized and downsized?

Since you are unable to retain anything, I will repeat. I live in the Stupid State or more appropriately the Lindsay Lohan State. It is run by liberals/democrats/progressives/socialists and has been a testing lab for their idealogy for about 40 years. It is not working and it is called California or more affectionately by those who have left "Californication"

We have the highest paid teachers in the nation and our testing scores are 47th in the nation. We spent about $12,000 per year per child and our testing scores are 47th in the nation. Back in the 1960's and 1970's we spent less than $2500 per child per year and had the highest test scores not only in the nation, but of all the western countries.

You are entitled to your opinion Scanlon. However, you are not entitled to your own facts. The public school system is a mess - thank you liberals.

You forgot the old standard "liberalism is a mental disease."

No problem.

Liberalism is a mental illness. I live in it every day.

Hope I made your day!

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