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No More Mr. GOP Nice Guy (and Girl)

The Washington Times has published my article predicting the end of the Republican's moratorium on internal feuding.

The Republican presidential candidates have presented a united front. They've held hands and stuck to the message. President Obama is the problem. They - the mature, resolved and above-the-fray Republican opposition - are the solution. Newt Gingrich momentarily strayed from the path by criticizing Paul Ryan's budget plan and was swiftly reprimanded by the greater GOP establishment. Even the recent GOP debate in New Hampshire was more of a GOP powwow. There has been an obvious consensus to defer the intraparty feuding until the GOP has collectively, convincingly and resoundingly identified Mr. Obama as the nation's albatross.

However, Obama's decline and Romney's ascent in the polls "have emboldened the Republican field to abandon their familial camaraderie and adopt a new strategy."

So, after playing nice in New Hampshire - and being widely criticized by the media for refusing to take CNN's repeated invitation to begin in-fighting - the candidates have begun lining up to take shots at the current king of the hill.

Please RTWT.

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Your links are bad. No, I'm not talking about the quality of what you've written; I'm just saying that they don't work.


Much obliged. Grazie.

Peter Falk died yesterday. I bring this up because Mitt Romney is probably an extremely nice guy who is an absolutely lousy politician. If he had to survive in the world with what Falk had to work with instead of height, looks, and hair; I don't think we'd be talking about him. He'd still have been a success, but we wouldn't be talking about him.

Romney is an "extremely nice guy" who just happens to be callous and cruel to man's best friend (and no, I don't mean handguns):

I can't even picture Falk (or Columbo) doing that. I guess all those old open cockpit biplane flyers were getting callously treated also, back in the day. And what the heck are convertibles?

I'll hit Mitt Romney if I feel necessary, but in my opinion men are allowed a certain number of "get-out-of-jail-free cars" when it comes to organizing family things that don't quite turn out as expected....lest we all be condemned...

cards, not cars. Get-out-of-jail-free cars would be nice, but they don't exist....of course, they could be anything that has government plates--professional courtesy, you know.

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