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End the UN Disarmament Conference

While I am sure that removing the "Disarmament Conference" from the title would no doubt bring about great benefits as well, the Conference is, like the Council on Human Rights, nothing but an utter joke and an insult to those who wish to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Seeking to improve upon such things as allowing Cuba and Libya guide the United Nations discussions on human rights issues, North Korea has now been handed control of the UN Conference on Nuclear Disarmament for a temporary term. North Korea, like many gangster tyrannies around the world, should not even be allowed to participate in the United Nations let alone laughingly head its disarmament discussions. Their participation in the body is insulting enough, as it says that a thug like Kim Jong Il is equal in sovereignty to legitimate governments around the world, but this is just ridiculous. Of course the Iranian delegation, peace-loving as ever, praised the ascension of their allies in villainy to the head of the conference.

Follow the thinking of the Canadian delegate: end the disarmament conference. It has not done anything in years and likely will not do anything. The body is pointless and just (perhaps unintentionally) lends further legitimacy to the nuclear-seeking despots of the world.
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Heck while the UN is at it, they should turn over the UN Human Rights Comission to North Korea also. Why not make the United Nations as humorous and entertaining as The Stupid State.

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