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As Operation Fast and Furious continues to rise as the most serious of the many scandals now engulfing the Obama Administration, new evidence reveals even more damning evidence of Attorney General Eric Holder. Newly-released audio recordings of a conversation between an ATF Agent and the Arizona gun dealer who sold the weapons that killed Border Agent Brian Terry reveal several things. First, they were concerned early on about one of the main whistleblowers. Second, elements of the Department of Justice were actively working earlier this year to mislead Congress and shield the illegal gunrunning program from the inquires of several senators and Congressman Issa. Finally, they seem to imply that not only did Holder know of the program, but he was involved in trying to get Congress out of the way. It also implies that the FBI and others throughout the Department of Justice knew of the program's existence earlier than February, meaning much of the recent story by Justice officials has been wrong. It must be stressed that the tapes do not come out and explicitly state that Holder knew of the program, but they heavily, heavily imply that he did--or that he should have, at least--and thus may have lied to Congress when he informed them that he had only learned of the program sometime in May.

Eric Holder has proven himself to be either grossly incompetent or shamefully criminal. Either way, he must go. It is time that a special investigator be established to begin officially subpoenaing Department of Justice and White House officials to get to the bottom of this increasingly-tangled web of lies being spun by Holder and his staff. Bring the Department of Justice to justice.
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No. Keep him. He is producing more scandals than Richard Nixon and company ever dreamed of. Obama and his administration will make LBJ, Nixon and Carter look like nursery school dropouts.

Liberals got what they wanted. Unfortunately all of us will suffer in the long run from Obama's complete inability to do anything - I mean I bet Michelle has to butter his toast because he doesn't know how to butter toast - but the hard left in this country will suffer the most. In a few years they will be blamed for the downfall of this country and become insignificant in future elections.... Then maybe we can get back to being a democratic republic as intented by the founders and quit playing around with socialism and class warfare.

Eric Holder is a PUNK just like his Half Breed, Un-american, Muslim boss. DUMP them both. Eric is a real PRICK just like Van Jones.
Concerned AMERICAN, LV

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