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A new book, out today, questions the now conventional wisdom that Thomas Jefferson fathered illegitimate children through his slave Sally Hemings.  The board responsible for its publication includes such notables as Harvey Mansfield, Charles Kesler, James Ceaser, Paul Rahe, and Forrest McDonald and is chaired by UVA law professor Robert Turner.  Here's the amazon link.  The accusation should not have moderated devotion to Jefferson for his extraordinary achievements, though it could not have had any but that effect.  This book should help us readjust our vision of the man.  Jefferson celebrated enlightenment; let us follow in his footsteps on this accusation as well.

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Paul Rahe is a distinguished professor of history at Hillsdale College. At Hillsdale College they teach "real" American" history as opposed to the indoctrination crap taught at most public colleges and universities. I doubt he would put his name on anything that was not thoroughly researched. The book is on my reading list.

Thank God for Hillsdale College - one of the last great colleges in the United States.

But, Paul Rahe was the lone dissenter if I read it right a few years ago. And, it would have been interesting to hear his reasoning and whether he has followed with the orthodoxy of the historical profession and not been convinced by the panel's arguments.

Make that a "few days ago" obviously not "years!"

The only reason it became "acceptable" and/or that there was a "consensus" that Jefferson was the father of Sally Hemmings' kids and/or her lover, was to defend the indefensible Bill Clinton's deplorable conduct with women including but not limited to Monica Lewinsky. See, the liberals' spouted, that moralist Jefferson, was nothing but a randy aristocrat taking advantage of a slave woman, so how can you hang Clinton? Also made during this time period was Shakespeare In Love, which debased the great William Shakespeare by falsely claiming he was having an adulterous affair, and that affair was the catalyst for his greatest works. Again, we must excuse Clinton's lothario conduct because that is the price we pay for genius, either of William Shakespeare or William Clinton.
I'm glad this is finally being debunked, but if Obama had an affair, I'm sure these falsities would again wind up getting major media coverage to deflect public anger from the democrats. If the subject were a republican, then there would be no excuses whatsoever.

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