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Iranian-Sponsored Terrorist Plot Foiled

According to the Department of Justice, after work done by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Drug Enforcement Agency, elements of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran attempted to carry out a terrorist attack in Washington, D.C. A captured Iranian-American citizen was meeting with elements of the notorious Mexican Zeta drug cartel, offering them cash and opium in exchange for assistance with this plot. They conspired to assassinate the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the United States and then to carry out bombings at the Saudi Arabian and Israeli embassies. The plot was orchestrated by elements of the Iranian government, including high-level officials within the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Attorney General Holder refused to say that the Ayatollah or Iranian President Ahmadinejad were complicit in the plans.

Holder and FBI Director Mueller have both said that Iran will be held accountable for this terrorist action. When pressed for what he meant by that, Holder said that the Department of Justice will be working with the White House, the Department of State, and the Treasury Department in order to take further action against the government of Iran, which he reiterated conceived, sponsored, and directed the foiled assassination. This new provocation comes at a time when relations between the Islamic Republic and Saudi Arabia are already incredibly tense, and when the Iranian regime is at odds with the United States and the rest of the West over their pursuit of nuclear technology.

The international intrigue of this dangerous conspiracy almost reads like the plot of a Hollywood movie--Mexican drug gangs, Iranian terrorists, assassination of foreign diplomats. I fear, though, that it adds now to the increasingly disturbing reality that we are running out of options with how to stop Iran. It is a disturbing chain of events, leading in an even more disturbing direction. Hopefully the worst-case scenario can be avoided.
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Good god ! Even Iran outsources.

Couple of things come to mind

Hillary Clinton is the poster girl for failed feminism. That aside, she was right about the 3:00 a.m. call.

I am sure that if the Iranians had been successful in recruiting the Mexican Drug cartel Zeta to assassinate the Saudi ambassor, they would have not had to purchase any guns to do the deed - Obama and Holder would have helped them with obtaining the firearms.

Governor Stupid of the Stupid State (Brown, California) signed into law AB 809 which bans open carry and established a long gun registry. All against the second amendment of course - after all this is the Stupid State.
Given the new firearm laws in California it would be much easier for me to join the Mexican Drug cartels and get all the free assault weapons I want courtesy of Obama, Holder and the American Taxpayers. You just can't make this stuff up.

This has nothing to do with the post above, but I just can't help not to write about my experiences today with the Occupy WallStreet iHippies. I happened to be in a major city in California right now on business and had the oppotunity to see live the iHippies. I noted a couple of things. They were using a Honda generator to power the printers, coffee makers and other electronic gadgets that had at their tables. Honda is a corporation so is HP and Canon (the printers) as well as Black & Decker (coffee maker). They also had pop ups and tents - First Up and Coleman, along with iPhones, iPads, Smart Phones and Video Cameras - Apple, Samsung, Droid, etc. Furthermore in order to get those smart phones working, one must active an account with one of those Corporate America cell phone companies and send them a monthly check for that service. Of course I smile at the whole fiasco because it just proves my point - Liberalism is a mental illness.

"... it just proves my point." Do you have any idea what words actually mean? Do you have any idea what it means to "prove" something? Any idea what can be proven (never a point, only an argument)?

You really are the poster child for everything that's wrong with the right, aren't you? Must make your poor son so proud.

You're such moron. Or, as you'd probably say: Your such a moron.

Cowgirl got it right; and it doesn't mean a damn thing how you spell it out. All those people sitting out there are, like you, the morons. 99% of them do not even know why they are there.

Another sign that Liberalism is a mental illness Scanlon - call people names. Hey Scanlon, you having fun at the Occupy Wall Street Protest? Are you using your smart phone or iPhone to post on this blog from your front-row seat at the Protest?

If so, you are being a good Kamp Alinsky Kiddie...

Again, I find it mildly amusing as I first stumble into a thread that cowgirl's been battling it out with someone she's convinced is me.

If I wasn't already OCCUPIED with something far more urgent (cleaning my fridge), then I'd offer a long list of links (which the blog system would then reject) of cowgirls' incessant name-calling-as-argument commenting tactic.

But this blog-post is already absurd enough, even without bogging myself down in the comments.

The world has to learn this lesson over and over again -- some regimes simply can't be "dealt with" in any way other that extermination. The Islamic Republic of Iran needs to be put down just like we'd put down a mad dog -- it would be a mercy to the Iranians, and a mercy to the world. As Robert Baer, the ex-CIA agent says, Iran has conducted a covert war against the West since Khomeini took over in the late 1970, and that war is about to fester into nuclear menace. I'm afraid the next POTUS will be forced to finally, finally deal with these fanatics, probably at great lose of treasure and lives.

You have a fridge Scanlon - wow that is so Corporate America.

I mean aren't you living in a tent somewhere with your iPhone..

Stumbling Scanlon - too much Kamp Alinsky Kiddie Weed for you dude.

Keep in mind that your game playing here is about as obvious as Obama's incompentencies...

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