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Lech Walesa and the OWS

It was about six weeks ago that the press was abuzz with news that legendary labor activist Lech Walesa, the man who, more than anyone else, was responsible for bringing down communism in Poland, was planning a visit to the Occupy Wall Street protesters.  The left-wing blogosphere erupted in paroxysms of joy; Brent Budowsky at The Hill summed it up best: "One of history's great leaders for jobs, workers and freedom is now supporting the Occupy Wall Street protest. Lech Walesa has now weighed in, big time, for the good guys."

I forgot all about this until just yesterday, when I learned that Walesa never did make that visit--a fact apparently overlooked by the mainstream press, although it was big news in the conservative blogosphere.  Walesa expressed his views more openly in mid-November in an editorial critical of the OWS movement in the San Francisco Chronicle:

I have lived under the heavy hand of communism, where the state controls virtually everything, and I've lived under freedom. While today's protesters have many legitimate concerns, let me assure them that instead of either cronyism or greater government control, it is dialogue and solidarity leading to freedom that we should all strive for.

In related news, Walesa last week unveiled a statue of Ronald Reagan in Warsaw.
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Unfortunately, what I have encountered with the OWS in the Stupid State is that the bulk of them are young college-age kids or college grads Given the fact that most of them recently graduate from some University of Indoctrination located in the Stuipid State, they probably have no idea who Walesa is, what he did and most importantly have no idea the conditions he lived in while living under the OWS's beloved communism/socialism.

To prove my point about why OWS are probably the most uneducated generation (with the exception of the red diaper doper babies of the 1960's) my son's college history professor was (attempting) to lecture on the Declaration of Independence. While doing so, he read the Declaration of Independence out loud. When he got to the part about "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" the professor stopped and said "This phrase is why gay marriage should be allowed in this country". My 18-year old senior in high school, home schooled son just about fell off his chair in complete utter shock. My son graciously raised his hand and asked the professor if he really believed that Jefferson, Adams and Franklin were considering gay marriage when they were drafting the Declaration of Independence. The professor's answser - no answer. He disregarded my son's question and continued to read.

Liberalism is a mental illness.

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