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Hayward's Heresies?

Readers of this blog will be well served to take some time today and read Steve Hayward's very thoughtful and, apparently, wildly controversial essay entitled "Modernizing Conservatism" in the latest issue of Breakthrough Journal.  The thrust of his argument is that "starve the beast" appears to have failed and so conservatives now might be better served if they move on to a strategy of sending the voters the bill for all of the social and entitlement programs they appear to want. 

After reading the essay, do yourself another favor and check out the podcast with Steve at Infinite Monkeys--appropriately titled, "Inquisition Edition."  I will leave it to your own individual conscience to decide whether Steve acquits himself here or stokes the kindling for his own stake.
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Has he been dining with David Frum lately?


Well, although I agree with much of Steve's critique of conservativism's track record, his prescription is pretty harsh and difficult to implement. The people who will be "served" the bill are the same people who pay all the income taxes now - the overburdened upper middle class who benefit less (in relative terms) from these entitlement programs. And good luck with jacking up payroll taxes -- that hands the power to the Dems. The one thing Joe Sixpack understands all too well is his take-home pay.

I personally think fighting for States' Rights is the way to go. If we can wrest some power away from the Federal Government, then the people will have 50 tax systems to choose from (and they will shift power with their feet). And it's not as impossible as it sounds - a few victories, a few SC seats, and Bob's-your-uncle. Much of Federal dominance rests on very flimsy grounds, such as the Interstate Commerce Claus. This is not an impossible strategy.

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